Elliot and Two Green Onions

Elliot lived in an apartment building 3 stories tall. He was 3 years old. He also had 3 siblings. His two older siblings were allowed to wander the neighborhood all by themselves, even into the woods, but not Elliot.

“Mama, can I go down the street with the others?” He said as he watched his sister and brother put on their shoes.”

“One day you can, sweet Elliot,” Mama would say. “Right now you are not old enough to go out on your own, but one day! Come along, I’ll take you to the playground.”

Off he would run to the playground, with Mama not far behind. And so it went whether to the park, the hill, the woods, or across the street. Mama was not too far behind.

One day, while his siblings were at school, Mama was making a meal for a family who just welcomed a new baby girl to their family. She was making tacos, but she didn’t have any green onions. When Mama asked Elliot to find her two green onions, he jumped to his feet.

“I need to you to knock on Mrs Edmund’s door and ask for two green onions. Can you do that?”

Elliot puffed up his chest with pride. Mama was sending him out on an errand, all by himself. He knew he could do it, he thought as Mama handed him a note that said “two green onions?” to help him remember. He opened the door and climbed the stairs to the neighbor’s apartment. As he went, he repeated to himself, “Two green onions. Two green onions,” over and over until he reached the door. With each knock, he repeated, “Two green onions”. The door opened and he said, “Do you have two green onions?” and handed Mrs Edmund the note.

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any green onions, Elliot,” Mrs Edmund said.

Elliot climbed back downstairs to tell Mama the news.

“Go knock on Mrs Lewis’s door,” Mama said while stirring the meat cooking on the stove top.

Elliot wandered around the corner to Mrs Lewis’s door.

“Do you have two green onions?”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t have any green onions, Elliot,” Mrs Lewis said.

Elliot came back home with the news.

“Go knock on Mrs Corin’s door,” Mama encouraged.

Elliot climbed to the third story of the building.

“I’m sorry. I have white onions, but no green onions, Elliot,” Mrs Corin offered.
Elliot climbed slowly back down the stairs.
“She doesn’t have green onions either,” he sighed.

“Go knock on Mrs Aravis’s door,” Mama said.

So, Elliot tried one more time, climbed to the third story and knocked on Mrs Aravis’s door.

“Two green onions, two green onions.” The door opened.

“Hi. Do you have two green onions?” Elliot asked with hope.

“Why yes!” exclaimed Mrs Aravis, “Let me take a look in the fridge.” Elliot squeezed his eyes shut and hoped that his mission could be accomplished.

“Here you are! I have plenty. You just take all of them.”

Elliot’s eyes grew wide, “Thank you!” he said as he took them in his hands.

Elliot ran down the stairs as fast as his little legs could carry him and flung open the front door.

“She had green onions!” he shouted waving them in the air. Mama’s eyes grew wide. “So many onions! This is wonderful!”

Mama finished preparing the meal, packed it all up and brought it over to the family with the new baby.

Elliot jumped around the apartment. He accomplished his mission. He had found two green onions. And he did it… all by himself… with Mama not too far behind.

The End.