Presentating an Inventor and a Poet

Yesterday was a day that was captured in pictures and videos on my phone and memories in my heart. I had the privilege of attending my son’s Kindergarten Chapel to watch him presentate (a word my children made up and which has solidified in their vocabulary instead of present) a short speech on his favorite verse, John 8:12, and how he would like to serve God in the future as an inventor! All the kids were dressed in costumes to represent their future jobs. My son won the cuteness factor with his suit jacket, bow tie and Daddy’s old black-rimmed glasses. I cherished those moments when his eyes searched for mine and we smiled. I cheered him on from the front row, clapping for my son, rejoicing in his hard work and learning. After the class sang several songs, my heart was about ready to burst with joy. I filled my camera with a sufficient amount of memorable video clips and pictures to send to the grandparents a thousand miles away.

I also had the privilege of attending my daughter’s poetry reading event later that afternoon, an event put on by her class. These students worked so hard to memorize long passages of poetry and then present it to parents in a small and encouraging environment. I was so proud of all the children for their hard work, their presentation skills, their humor, perseverance in reading, memorization, and writing their own compositions. Each child learning and achieving at their own pace. I was incredibly proud of my daughter and the hard work she put into this event. This was bravery unleashed.

It was not only a year of transition to live in a new state across the country, a new church, a new neighborhood. But it was also a year of transition with their education as we changed course from homeschooling to a private school during this season of life. My kids’ courage constantly astounds me, their perseverance inspires me, and their accomplishments are the sweet fruit of never giving up. They have passed the finish line and are wearing the badges of courage and hard work that they have earned. This Mama’s heart is bursting with joy!

artwork by my daughter

I was also introduced to a series of poetry books featuring duets, where one child reads one sentence and another child reads another sentence, back and forth, in turn, in a dramatic and entertaining conversation. It is called You Read to Me, I’ll Read to You written by Mary Ann Hoberman. This would be a very fun afternoon quiet reading series to read with one’s children this summer!

After the poetry reading event, I was so impressed and inspired by these young poets that I decided I need to write more poetry! In celebration of the end of our adventurous and exciting school year, I present three original Haikus based on the goings-on at our home, Woodland Hollow, these late spring days.

Morning Thunder
Thunder and lightning
Morning storm and rain pour down
Drenching our garden

Selfish Squirrel
Birdfeeder and seeds
Little squirrel on the pole
Save some for the birds

Goldfinch, cardinal
Bluejay, robin, hummingbird,
Four children watching